Rain recharges Ibiza’s natural aquifers

The Government of Ibiza has reported that the state of the underground water resources in Ibiza have improved significantly due to the recent rain. This is really good news as the island suffers from huge water shortages in the summer, due to low rainfall and massive tourist figures. The report shows the ‘index of drought’ for the month of January are in a situation of normality or stability.

The rainfall during the last two months have had a very positive impact on the availability of groundwater, we even saw a torrent of water in the Rio Santa Eulalia thanks to the recharge of resources, which have made the situation much better than it was a year ago. Before Christmas Ibiza showed the natural aquifers to be at 56% capacity, by the end of January this figure had risen significantly to 76%, the highest increase in over 10 years.

Let’s hope that not much water is wasted and we can get through the summer without worrying about another drought!

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